HOLLUP!! Mr. Brain

I’m sitting at my somewhere trying to say something. Just one thing…then two…then three things. Then it’s all jumbled up in my head. I try to line them up, you come first, then you, then you follow, then the rest. But No! They’ll have none of that…they all want to come first. Tsk! so then I get confused .I shut up.
I try to think- but my head is filled with stacks and stacks of unfinished thoughts.So I try NOT to think, I close my eyes to stare at the darkness -but even that doesn’t work- I see doodles ,splashes of color and all manner of uninteresting shapes and forms. Finally, I manage to fall asleep…still sitting at my somewhere.
I dream…children running around the streets with guns, women crying in the street, they are dragging a resisting fellow out his home, slapping, kicking fighting… HEY BRAIN! Hollup! Hollup! first of all, this isn’t even my country. Plus isn’t this from that movie we watched today?…and you bring me here to come see it?? (Shaking my head) I just can’t wrap my brain around some things you do. And you can’t even arrange simple thoughts when I need you to. Abeg, just take me back before I accidentally get killed here.